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Modern JavaScript

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Modern JavaScript

Modern JavaScript

This is a 'living' course which updates as JavaScript does. If you haven't taken a look at the latest versions of JavaScript the last few years you've been missing out. From object destructuring and template literals to two new ways to declare variables, you'll never look at JavaScript the same way. In this course you'll learn all the latest and greatest features of the JavaScript language, then you'll immediately take that knowledge and apply it by refactoring a "real world" app from ES5. When you're done, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Previous experience with JavaScript
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What you'll learn

TC-39 Stages
Babel Presets
Babel Plugins
Transpiling vs Polyfills
Template Strings (Literals)
Arrow Functions

Array and Object Destructuring
Default Parameters
Computed Property Names
Named Imports
Native Promises
Async Await
Object Spread (Spread Operator)
Shorthand Property and Method Names
Rest Parameters
Class Properties (Class Fields)

Who is this course for?

Developers who have taken our React fundamentals course and now want to upgrade their skillset with the latest (and future) versions of JavaScript.
Anyone who is comfortable with React but isn't comfortable with modern JavaScript (ES2015+).
Developers who want to learn how to upgrade a React project to modern JavaScript.
Developers who want to learn modern JavaScript in a real world context.

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Course Outline

What to expect
ECMAScript, TC39, and the Standardization Process
ECMAScript, TC39, and the Standardization Process
Variable declarations in ES6 | ES2015
var vs let vs const
New Variable Declarations with let and const
Object and Array Destructuring in JavaScript. ES6 | ES2015
Object and Array Destructuring
Object and Array Destructuring
Shorthand Property and Method Names in JavaScript ES6 | ES2015
Shorthand Property and Method Names
Shorthand Property Names
Shorthand Method Names
Computed Property Names in JavaScript | ES6 | ES2015
Computed Property Names
Template Literals (Template Strings) in JavaScript | ES6 | ES2015
Template Literals (Template Strings)
Template Literals (Template Strings)
Arrow Functions in JavaScript | ES6 | ES2015
Arrow Functions
Arrow Functions
Default Parameters in JavaScript | ES6 | ES2015
Default Parameters
Default Parameters
Spread Operator (Object Spread) in JavaScript
Spread Operator (Object Spread)
Native JavaScript Promises with ES6 | ES2015
Native JavaScript Promises with ES6
Transpiling vs Polyfills with Babel
Transpiling vs Polyfills with Babel
Intro Refactoring Files
Intro Refactoring Files
Refactor: Stage 1
Refactor api.js
Refactor Battle.js
Refactor Loading.js
Refactor Popular.js
Refactor Results.js
Refactor App.js & PlayerPreview.js
import and export with JavaScript Modules | ES6 | ES2015
import and export with JavaScript Modules
Named Imports in JavaScript
modules, import, export, and named imports
Refactor to use ES6 modules with named imports
Class Properties (Class Fields) in JavaScript
Class Properties (Class Fields) in JavaScript
Refactor to use Class Fields
Async Await in JavaScript (ES2017)
Async/Await in JavaScript
Refactor to use Async/Await
Refactor from axios to fetch
Wrap it up
What's next? Javascript-G_PFB.part1.rar Javascript-G_PFB.part2.rar Javascript-G_PFB.part3.rar Javascript-G_PFB.part4.rar Javascript-G_PFB.part5.rar Javascript-G_PFB.part6.rar

1) Join the Files with Free Splitter v5 if extension ends with chunk00
2)Save the file as a .rar extension
3) Extract the archives with Winrar 5 with password
Password: Golden_Plaza
Modern JavaScript

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